Anyone Can Be A Property Millionaire

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Property Investment can be big time investment for any Tom, Dick and Harry. Some of my friends are so scared of property investment as most people viewed it as a big long term investment. Can we make money on property? Hmmm... according to Dato' Seri Gavin Tee, he says yes! He is even bringing it to a higher level by issuing a challenge with this statement "Anyone can be a millionaire" and also making a reality show!

This will the the first chinese reality show in Malaysia related to property investment. The official launch is on the 24 July 2016, Sunday, from 1 pm - 5pm, The Gardens Hotel, Midvalley City, Kuala Lumpur. 

A total of 8 future "Property Millionaire Star" will be choosen based on  8 different categories that is:
1. Celebrity
2. Professional
3. Foreigner
4. Disabled
5. Businessman 
6. Young Graduate
7. Retiree
8. Real Estate Expert

It will be 13 fast-paced episodes following them as they go through nerve-wrecking journey of striving to be a property millionaire. 

 Property Mentor, Gavin Tee quips: 
1) There is misleading information in the market including official news; Malaysian property is actually within an affordable range whereby everyone is able to afford their own home.

2) Even during this difficult time in the Malaysian property market, anyone at all, including the disabled, can become a property millionaire, if given the right training on how to invest.

 Mentor of this "Anyone can be a Property Millionaire" show gave a press conference to bloggers at Capri Fraser in Bangsar last week. 

Therefore, make your way to Grand Ballroom, Gardens Hotel, Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur this Sunday for the talk and audition for this first reality TV show... 

For more information: 
Property Millionaire website
Or at: Facebook page

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