Selfie Coffee @Sunway, Malaysia

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Selfie? Yes, selfie. most people loves selfie! Coffee? Another intense love for some and the latest trend. Evidence, recently there are many coffee cafes sprouting up in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Now combine the two together it's "Selfie Coffee"!

Isn't it better now you can have your own face in your drinks instead of love shape, 3D art or cartoon pictures which you so adoringly look at it when drinking coffee? On May first, my girl told me she wanted to treat me to a new interesting cafe as it was a holiday. So we went to this Selfie Coffee in Sunway.
There are various types of coffee, chocolate and latte drinks sold. They also have sets of food. The photo below is the Croissant Tuna set I ordered costing RM12.90 then we can add another RM5.00 for a Selfie coffee. I chose a Green Tea Selfie cold because I am not a coffee drinker. Another friend ordered just a cup of Selfie Hazenut Coffee cold and it is RM13.00 a cup.
Now, do you really take your own selfie? Yes. First, you ordered the food and drinks and pay for it. Then you proceed to a corner where you are given a handphone to take your own selfie! That's all, take your seat and you will be served with food and your cuppa of selfie!
This is my Selfie Green Tea cold drink. My daughter ordered Chocolate Frappe with cream cold. I was told by Karen, the lady helping out at the cafe that cold drinks produce better clearer photos than hot drinks. 
The selfie we took is fed into a computer which we can check it out before they print onto the coffee. Cool!
Another fun thing is, we are given marker pens to write on the glass table top. Oh yes, of course it is not a permanent marker. 
The picture in the drink can last for about an hour or two, if you do not stir it. But when it is finishing, it becomes very sweet and milky. Maybe that's the reason we are given free plain water.

This Selfie Cafe is just opposite Sunway University at 41, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 46510, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
It was fun trying to take my own selfie drink picture. 
Coffee printed lattes caused a stir in Taiwan from this company Let's Coffee, about two years ago. Read more on Taiwanese Coffee machine. There is also this article from HLN Digital Trends on "Things from the future", about a printer that can put your face on coffee or lattes. Interesting link here.

Malaysia's first Coffee Selfie cafe is at Love Lane, George Town, Penang with the name Coffee Selfie Penang. Heard that there is another shop selling Selfie Coffee called Tinterland Coffee Selfie & Bread in Sri Petaling, I have not been there yet, so please check out their facebook here first.

This is not a sponsored post.
 Just a simple blogger who loves checking out interesting food and travel related events.

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    1. Hi Kooimei Cheah read ur blog n took my colleagues there today Superb all of us enjoyed it v much tks fren

    2. Thank you Irene, I am very happy your colleagues enjoyed Selfie Coffee. Thank you very much for reading my blog.

  2. Hi Kooimei Cheah read ur blog n took my colleagues there today Superb all of us enjoyed it v much tks fren

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