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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Water, water, water, who doesn't need water? "Water is a vital nutrient to the life of every cell, acts first as a building material" (from water properties) It's a known fact 60% of our body is made up of water but do you know that our brain and heart contains 73% water? Imagine what would happen to you if your brain and heart do not have enough water. As water is so important to human life, Diamond Coral brings it to a higher level by giving you more natural water, pure and alkaline in pH value. 

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How was I introduced to Diamond water? Few years back I went to Gold Coast, Australia and came back with sunburn on my face and shoulders. A friend saw it and told me, "Fix this Diamond water purifier in your house lah. It can help to lessen the sunburn marks on your face." Yes, people have vouch for the benefits of having Diamond purifier such as relieve allergies, enhances taste of drinks, fresh vegetables can be crispier, moisturizes skin and others. I will list some of my personal experiences here also. But, let's see the what Diamond water is all about and it's product specifications first.  

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Diamond Water product design specialists and water specialists combined the Art of Refined with Natural Water purifying principle setting a whole new standard to all water filters by using multiple filters system. Diamond Coral filters harmful microbes, organic pollutants, radioactive elements, heavy metals such as aluminium, iron, copper and others. It uses precious natural coral calcium to produce natural alkaline water whilst maintaining beneficial minerals in the water. Diamond Coral is also the world's few that passed over 200 performance measurements and safety testing, being awarded NSF42 and 53 Gold Seal by USA Water Quality Association (WQA)

Product: Diamond Coral Water Filter

There are two types available - the six filter water series and the mini three filter water series.

1. Diamond Coral Series - 6 filters Water Machine

Weight: 8.1 Kg
Size: 320mm (L) x 223mm (W) x 343mm (H)
Filtration Volume: 1.2L per minute at 40 psi (which is fast)
Water Pressure Applicable : 10 - 60 psi
Maximum System Operation Temperature : 40 - 100 F 

Filter Ingredients -  Filter ingredients are natural diatomite base filter, natural coconut shell activated carbon, coral calcium and maifan stone. The type of model series and the filters are:
a) Model Diamond Coral - Mineral Ceramic Ball
b) Model Diamond Coral Gold - Bamboo Charcoal Base activated Carbon Million-year Mineral Ceramic Ball
c) Model Diamond Platinum - Bamboo Charcoal Base Activated Carbon Million-year Mineral Ceramic Ball Tourmaline Ceramic Ball

2. Diamond Coral Mini Series - 3 Filters Water Machine 
Weight: 4.1 kg
Size: 320mm (L) x 132mm (W) x 343mm (H) 
Filtration Volume : 1.2/min at 40 psi
Water Pressure Applicable 10 - 60 psi
Max System Operation Temperature: 40-100 F

Filter Ingredients
a) Model Diamond Coral Mini Gold - Natural Diatomite Base Filter, Natural Coconut Shell Base Activated Carbon and Coral Calcium
b) Model Diamond Coral Platinum - Natural Diatomite Base Filter, Natural Coconut Shell Base Activated Carbon, Coral Calcium, Maifan Stone and Mineral Ceramic Ball

Here's a video on Diamond Coral Water Technology:

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Our body is of a more acidic nature, so it is said that drinking water with more pH alkaline will neutralises the acid thus promotes a healthier body and anti aging. (For for report on pros and cons, check out this site )

Diamond Coral is a natural Alkaline machine

Here's some of the simple uses and goodness of Diamond Coral water filter

1. Smoothen skin and wrinkles lines -It can make our skin more moisturized and radiant.

This is the experiment I did on my hand. At first, soak a cotton pad with Diamond Coral water and put it on my left hand for about 10 minutes. 

After that I compare both hands, right and left together. Notice my left hand (which is on the right side of the photo above) has become smoother with less fine lines or wrinkles!

We can also do a face mask for our face. Just like this friend experimented by trying it on  half his face by soaking a mask paper with Diamond Coral water. It can make our skin more moisturized and radiant. Here anybody can use this water mask, ladies and gents also. There is no need to worry about being allergic to what type of chemicals used in the masks as this is just pure refined water. 

2. Cleaning vegetables, fruits

The vegetables does taste crispier after being soak in Diamond Coral water. Therefore especially useful for those who love to make your own fresh salad/greens. It can be use to just wash fruits and vegetables in our daily cooking. 

3. Enhances the taste of Red wine

Just put a bottle of red wine into a jug of Diamond Coral water for half an hour and taste is definitely different after that! Making tea with Diamond Coral water also enhanced the flavor better. 

There are lots of other good uses of Diamond Coral Water and you can just drink it directly also. 
The best option is to fix Diamond Coral Water Machine together with Diamond Water Bar Machine so that pure refined warm water is available within 3 seconds.


Diamond Coral Water machine is easy to maintain as it is made up of a series of 6 or 3 filters that can be washed individually. Don't worry, Diamond company will keep track of your purchase and contact you and conduct regular checks and maintenance for you.

The filters are nicely labelled A, B and C so that there is no confusion for anyone if you open up the filters to check or do simple cleaning yourself. Diamond provides free yearly maintenance too. 

You can survive without food for 3 weeks but you can't survive without water for more than a week ( Thus water is important in life so it is also a good idea to invest in a good water filter machine. DIAMOND, founded in 1995, is one of the renowned brands of water filter machine in the market. It accumulated more than one million customers over the years, business widely covers many countries. It is one of the International Water Filtration System Leading Brands. The history and benefits of Diamond Water discovery:
Free, anybody can just try out for free for 60 days of this pure refined Diamond Coral Water, just fill out the form here: Free trial plan for 60 days.

For more information: 
1. Contact Happy Care Line:
- 1800 88 2399 / Online Live Chat
2. Website:
3. Email:
4. Office and showroom:
Block B, South City Plaza,
Persiaran Serdang Perdana,
Taman Serdang Perdana, Seksyen 1,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia
5. Tel: (603) 8947 3333
6. Operations hours: MON – FRI ( 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM )

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