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Thursday, June 22, 2017

"Coffee machine? Oh...there's so many types in the market now, Which one to buy ar?" my neighbour Siti asked me recently. Yes, that's right there are so many choices for coffee  drinkers now, from normal traditional coffee shop coffee, to instant coffee such as 3-in-1 or 2-in-1, to coffee machines with capsules. Arissto gives signature premium Italian coffee by sealing in the flavors in the capsule and a cuppa of coffee can be prepared at the convenience of your home or office in just 30 seconds!

Arissto Coffee Machine, the Happy Maker, is easy to use. It comes with just two blinking brew buttons in front. 

Specifications of Arissto Happy Maker Coffee Machine

The power voltage is 220V-240V / 50 -60 Hz. It consuming relatively low power of 750 - 900 watt. The water tank can hold 800ml of water, and it can easily be taken out to refill. This Arissto Happy maker has a size of  length 347mm X width 120mm X Height 245mm. The total weight is 3.4 kg making it small and light. Therefore, it is convenient to place any where in our home and inconspicuous among our decor and yet easily available for guest to make a cuppa of coffee.

Product Description

How to operate Arissto coffee machine.
1. Fill the water tank with water.
2. Switch on the machine, and wait till the brew button illuminates and stop flashing. 
3. Lift the lever, choose the type of coffee you want, if it's expresso, then just put in the capsule and close the lever. Press the small cup brew button in the front. 

4. If you like cappuccino or added milk type, then put in the milk capsule first.  Lift the lever, put in the capsule and it will slot nicely.

5. Then choose the type of signature coffee you like from Peace, Passion, Lonely, Sunrise, Moonlight or In-Love capsule. If it is cappucino lite, then put in a capsule of Sunrise after the milk. Slot it in and press the small brew button again. 

6. When the two brew buttons will light up as normal again, it means that the coffee is done.

Voila! A cup of premium Italian brew coffee is ready!

 Here's the video of how to make Latte Lite

You need 2 capsules of Arissto coffee milk and a capsule of  Arissto coffee Passion.

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Maintenance and cleaning of Arissto Coffee Machine

As a housewife, I am personally very scared of all the hassle of washing up after using a household utensil. Therefore I added this topic of maintenance and cleaning here, as it is of utmost important to me, other housewives and also to maintain this machine efficiently. Well, I am happy to say this machine is easy to clean as all the used capsule will automatically drop into the  capsule basket. No need to even dirty your hand to take out used capsule every time you use one.

When the capsule basket is full, just take out the capsule basket, throw away the used capsule, rinse and put it back. 

The drip tray can also be easily taken out to wash and placed back.  The same goes for the water tank. Simple!

The Arissto Coffee

The coffee beans are sourced from different countries such as Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rita, Kenya, Ethiopia for the best Arabica coffee beans. After choosing the beans, Arissto coffee coffee masters crafted this signature premium coffee through roasting and grinding process. Each cup of this 5-star quality coffee is free from all additives. Robusta coffee beans, a more bitter type are added to Arissto signature to enrich the flavor.

The Capsule

There are different flavors in Arissto signature  coffee capsules from delicate sweetness, natural bitterness, spellbinding richness and delicate smoky fragrance. The variety of flavor are named under Peace, Passion, Lonely, Sunrise, Moonlight or In-Love capsule.

How come the flavors of Arristo is strong and irresistible? I cut a capsule open to investigate and found that there are actual ground Arabica coffee beans residues inside. Moreover, this residues are also very useful for ladies as it can become a natural ingredient for face mask!

Designing your own aromatic coffee with Arristo Coffee Machine

Versatility is the mother of invention! For those who wanted your very own aromatic and flavor coffee, it is very easy to do with Arristo coffee machine.

 For example, if you want peppermint coffee, you have to just prepare the peppermint water and fill it in the water tank of your coffee machine. Then just continue making your coffee the usual way.

The water tank can be filled with various kind of prepared water with your choice of aromatic tea or energy boosting herbs such as ginseng or tongkat Ali. 

Here's a pretty cup of Rose coffee made from Italian premium coffee and Arristo coffee machine with rose petals sprinkled on top.

Arristo Coffee is premium Italian coffee with luscious full body as shown in the photo above as compared to the normal coffee on the left. 

Deep in thoughts and contemplating the richness of this signature Arissto coffee, here, my friend Ivy is enjoying her cup of coffee. So serene, she is like in the seventh haven..... 

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