Incredible day Apple Picking at Bilpin, NSW, Australia

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Apu! apu! apu!" shouted my two year grand daughter happily running around here and there. Yes, there's apples everywhere on the ground where she can just pick it up and lots more hanging on the trees. Being only a two year old she can't say the word 'apples' clearly yet so 'apples' is just 'apu'. 

My daughter took me on a trip for apple picking at Bilpin Fruit Bowl when I visited her in Sydney, Australia, recently. Bilpin is a small town in Australia famous for apple picking orchards. It was a fantastic day out seeing the apples hanging from the trees. They are all so low and we can pick as many apples as we want.

We have to pay an entrance fee and given plastic bags to pick apples. The apples that we have chosen and picked from the orchard will then be weighed at the counter where we will have to pay for it upon exit. Ohh yes, we were so greedy that we harvested two big plastic bags whereas I saw others had just an small bag and some none at all. Of course the price per kilogram here is one dollar more than the price of apples sold in supermarkets. But we were very happy as we know we will be eating really fresh apples and also its own self handpicked ones.

It is distance to walk into the apple orchard, but there are nice soothing sceneries around. There are even vegetables and other types of fruits farms at the other side.

But we didn't go to the other farms as it was hot and we were just so happy with the apples that we already spent so much time here.

If you have not picked enough apples and fruits from the orchard, don't worry, there's this shop cum restaurant where you can still buy.

So, if you are apples lovers, this Bilpin is a must visit place  when you are in Australia. Bilpin is a small town about 90km from Sydney and we took about one and a half hours drive. It was indeed an incredible day as my grand daughter and I felt so happy just by seeing so many apples hanging onto the trees which is so low and with just as many on the ground.

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