My experience as a GoGetter

Friday, July 31, 2015

Recently my mom introduced me to this new website called GoGet where you can earn some pocket money while helping out people in need. Hence I decided to try out to be a GoGetter by signing up online at the GoGet website ( After you sign up to be a GoGetter, you need go to their main office to get verified as a GoGetter. Basically, they brief you on how to be a GoGetter and get to know their GoGetter better. After they verified you as an official GoGetter, you will get a GoGetter car sticker and a GoGetter T-shirt.

There is a list of posted jobs on the GoGet website, and you can do any jobs that you feel comfortable with. There are jobs that posted can be as simple as taking pictures of restaurants, buying groceries, deliver lunch boxes and etc. After I was verified as a GoGetter, I often browse through the website seeking for a simple errand that I can help out with and finally I found out that is simple enough to do and I can earn some extra pocket money too! 

The job that I accepted is to deliver confinement food from a house in my neighborhood to another place where it is not too far away from my house. After I accepted the job, the job poster contacted me to provide me with further instructions and details. 

I never knew that there is a confinement centre at just right behind our house! It was a well equipment confinement house and I get to see all the cute babies that are sleeping in the cot too! Basically my job is to collect the confinement food bag and deliver it to another house. It was so simple!

Since the confinement food bag contained various herbal soups, hence during the transportation I will need to handle it with care. you wouldn't want to drop it and messed up the whole thing right? Basically the job took me about 30 minutes to complete it and it was great as I get to meet different people. It was a great experience for me!

GoGet is a great use for people from all walks of life. Anyone can use this website to post jobs and also accept jobs. As a Job Poster, you can post any type of jobs such as buying groceries, picking up your pets from pet shop, buying furniture from IKEA, buy food for your lunch, deliver your cakes to your relatives and etc. Of course, you can provide a tip for your GoGetter for completing your jobs too! If you have any queries or face any problems, you can always ask or complain it to the GoGet Admin, and they are very prompt in replying you.

GoGet Admin has been very responsive to me and they often message me regarding jobs that are nearby my house. What I like about GoGet is that I have the flexibility of choosing the jobs I like to do, and I am not tied down to only one job. Sometimes you can even accept mulitple jobs at one time if there area multiple jobs in the same area!

By becoming a GoGetter, you will get to meet with many different people from all walks of life! Sometimes you might even found out some interesting places that you never know of or meet some people that might become your best friends too! I find that becoming a GoGetter is really fun and exciting! Plus can even earn some pocket money while you are helping out people! Anyone can be a GoGetter! Even if you are student, doctor, office worker, retiree, housewife or etc, you still can join to be a GoGetter!

For more information on GoGet, please visit their website at

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